The Nomad Club (TNC) is a brainchild of Ryan and Jay, best friends and fellow sailors.

They grew tired of mediocre sailing gear at "big box stores" and found it nearly impossible to acquire high-tech nautical apparel anywhere.

This led to the idea of establishing one place where sailors can access both dependable sailing gear AND quality nautical wear under one roof.

"I wanted freedom, open air and adventure. I found it on the sea."

Introducing Nautical Wear 

Up until this point only "nautical-inspired" apparel has existed.

Sailor or not, everyone's first impression of nautical clothing is a Breton striped shirt or apparel with anchor graphics.

Nautical-inspired pieces may be fashionable but they are solely designed with style in mind.

They lack technologies that REAL sailors desire.  

UV protection4-way stretch, moisture-wicking capabilities and waterproof technology are what real sailors need to combat the conditions at sea.

"Sailors, with their built-in sense of order, service and discipline, should really be running the world."

- Nicholas Monsarrat 

The Nomad Club's curation is guided by timeless style and exceptional performance at sea.

Picture something a prime Robert Redford, or Paul Newman, or even a J.F.K. were to wear while sailing.

Then, put as much technology into those pieces as you can imagine.

That's who we are.

"Land was created to provide a place for boats to visit." - Brooks Atkinson

Making the Cut  

TNC's founders are hell-bent on maintaining strict curation guidelines to guarantee supreme quality and design. 

It's all about offering site visitors the absolute best that each and every brand partner has to offer.

To ensure quality brand curation, TNC specifically targets products that exhibit high-tech functionality, modern design, and fashion-conscious styles. 

Helps sailors? Looks good? Why not.

“I start from the premise that no object created by man is as satisfying to his body and soul as a proper sailing yacht.” - Arthur Beiser