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21" Aluminum Classic Carry-On

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Classic Carry-On
Our most popular case the 21″ Classic Carry-On meets most size requirements on flights throughout the US. This hard body case is made of Aluminum that’s extremely durable and lightweight. Secured with riveted construction and double reinforced corners for extra strength. A telescoping handle ensures a superb fit for anyone and every situation. Two resettable TSA approved combination locks, accepted as the standard all over the world. These dependable locks keep your belongings safe and secure. A 360 degree High-density Double Quad Wheel System is silent and smooth and rotates effortlessly when on the move. Inside – this case is fitted with a seamless rubber seal to keep out moisture and grime. Aleon’s lining is made of coated polyester. It’s stain-resistant and water-repellant with nonabrasive fabric that it won’t harm your belongings. Two rigid compression panels will keep all your belongings from falling to the bottom and prevent wrinkles. Aleon is proud to facilitate in-house production, responsible for all the manufactured elements of these high-end luggage pieces — excluding the TSA locks — we keep our cost down and give the savings back to you. You can find the business version here


Maximum size carry-on luggage allowed for US domestic flights.

Exterior Dimensions: 20.9 x 15.7 x 9 in

Interior Dimensions: 17.6 x 13.7 x 6.7 in

Weight: 10.6 lbs

Volume: 2,098 cu in

  • Aircraft Grade Aluminum
  • Two TSA Resettable Combination Locks
  • High-density Double Quad Dual Wheels
  • Two Interior Compression Boards
  • Multi-stage Locking Telescoping Handle
  • Double-reinforced Aluminum Corner

• ALEON’s™ ownership brings to our industry over 50 years experience in fabricating Aluminum.

• All ALEON™ parts are designed and manufactured in ALEON’s factory insuring proper fit and adding to the products durability.  The only outside purchased parts are the TSA approved locks.

• While ALEON cases are substantially lower in cost then other aluminum brands there is no sacrifice in quality or durability.  The lower cost is reflective of how the cases are designed, manufactured and assembled.  

• ALEON™ cases are manufactured using aircraft grade aluminum assuring the products long life.

• ALEON™ cases are designed so that any needed repair can be made quickly and efficiently, taking less time and at a lower cost.

• ALEON’s interior Compression System is designed to hold contents in place allowing the user to arrive at their destination with wrinkle free clothing.  The mesh zipper pocket on each compression panel is designed to holds smaller objects in place.

• All handles are tension restrained to hold them snuggly against the case avoiding being caught on baggage handling equipment.  

• Telescoping handles are multi-stage and locking, offering rolling comfort.

• Wheels are heavy duty, multi-directional and are ultra-quiet.

• Locks are TSA approved 3-Dial combination that can be set to users three-digit combination of their choice.

• ALEON’s frame has a rubberized seal to make them as water tight as possible.

• ALEON™ is built using piano hinges that insure stability and long life over thousands of case openings and closings.  Our frames don’t bend or twist out of shape.

• ALEON™ offers a full 10-year global unlimited warranty, double that of the so-called premier brand in our industry

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