rescueME AIS MOB1




New for 2015 – The first AIS MOB device designed to fit & integrate in the Deckvest range.
Deckvest with integrated rescueME MOB1

The new 'rescueME MOB1' personal AIS (Automatic Identification System) device is designed to be fitted to the complete Deckvest range and assist in Man Overboard recovery.

For 2015 the 'rescueME MOB1' can be supplied integrated and installed ready to use in your Deckvest lifejacket.

  • Designed to be fully integrated into the lifejacket system
  • The most compact AIS Unit on the market – up to 30% smaller
  • Slim, lightweight & streamlined
  • AIS unit deploys automatically on lifejacket inflation
  • Integrated strobe light for maximum visibility
  • 7 year battery life
  • 24+ hour operational life
  • 5 year warranty

Supplied integrated and installed ready to use in the Deckvest range
Available to purchase as a unit to retrofit within your current Deckvest lifejacket or supplied fitted integrated within a new Deckvest.


Available to purchase individually as a unit or supplied fitted integrated within a Deckvest lifejacket.

Once activated your MOB1 will transmit an alert to all AIS receivers and AIS enabled plotters in the vicinity. The integrated GPS ensures precise location is sent to your vessel and any others that may be assisting. An additional feature of the MOB1 is its ability to activate the DSC alarm on your vessels VHF.

Full details of rescueMe MOB1 available at: www.oceansignal.com



AIS MOB1 User Manual
AIS MOB1 Ribbon Fitting Instructions

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