SI-TEX MDS-8R Radar Sensor Package Includes 2kW/24nm Radome Antenna, 33 Cable P-Sea Software [MDS-8R]


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MDS-8R Radar Sensor Package Includes 2kW/24nm Radome Antenna, 33' Cable & P-Sea Software

A Powerful Combination - Powerful Marine Radar on Your PC

This powerful combination turns your Windows-based PC into a professional-grade marine radar that is ideal for commercial and recreational fishing, cruising and sailing. SI-TEX’s MDS-8R radar sensor connects directly to your computer via Ethernet for simple installation and superior performance. No need for a dedicated Multifunction Display (MFD) - just hook the MDS-8R to your onboard PC and you’re ready to navigate. Your Windows-based computer serves as the radar display and provides full control of the many professional grade features found in this advanced marine radar. Navigators will find operation easy using either the toolbar or onscreen commands.

Expandable to Meet Your Needs

Available software upgrades from world leader P-Sea can further expand this system to provide powerful navigation functions including ARPA and radar/chart overlay - features commonly associated with expensive and complicated standalone radar systems. This affordable package includes SI-TEX's 2kW/24mn radome antenna, 33' of cabling and P-Sea Radar software.


  • Display Modes: Head-up, North-up, Course-up
  • Range Scales NM: 1/2 to 24
  • Range Rings NM: 1/32 to 6
  • Peak Power Output: 2kW
  • Power Requirement: 0.841.6v DC
  • Power Consumption: 30W or less
  • Horizontal Beam Width: 4.7°
  • Vertical Beam Width: 25°
  • Pulse Length / 0.1 / 2200 0.3
  • Pulse Rep. Freq. / 1100 0.8 / 550
  • Range Accuracy: 0.8% of selected range
  • Bearing Accuracy: Better than +1x
  • Rotation Speed: 30 rpm
  • Wind Resistance: 100 knots
  • Case Size/Weight: 9"H x 20"W, 18lbs.


  • Array Size (Inches): 20"
  • Power - Output: 2kW
  • Range - Max (Miles): 24nm
  • Box Dimensions: 13"H x 22"W x 22"L WT: 27 lbs
  • UPC: 010407320908

Quick Guide (pdf)
Brochure (pdf)

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